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I feel like I say this every month, but how is it already April? Whoa.

This year is flying by. When I was at dinner last night with Ryan, we circled back around to our goals for 2017. I love a good check-in, especially when it comes to big goals. With our wedding coming up this November, our main focus is getting into shape and making healthier habits for not only the wedding but our lives together.

However, we both looked up and realized it was April – 4 months after we set our intentions to get into shape for 2017. Now, to be honest … we’ve both been working out and trying to eat better, but it’s been a slow process.Β So last night we made a commitment to ourselves to actually kick it into high gear and do the dang thing. That means no more cheat meals that turn into cheat months. (I’m slowly making my way through a chocolate protein powder smoothie as I write this … bleh!)

What are some of your big goals that might have fallen to the wayside the last few months? I’d love to hear them! This Thursday I’ll be posting all about goal setting and realistic milestones for your business, which can often be personal goals, too.

Download the April desktop calendar!


LynseyCreative 2017 Calendar - April


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